Unbeliever and violent.. How do you deal with your child’s retaliatory behavior?

One of the behaviors that may be annoying from children is that they quickly take revenge on those who offend them and reciprocate them, while ignoring the thanks of those who do good to them and not showing them any gratitude.

Some studies have confirmed that the negative behavior of children towards others is due to their perception that their surroundings are hostile to them, and they do not see the need to thank those who are good to them. Here are some tips for dealing with your child if he has such behaviour.

Why do children take revenge?

try to researchers Psychological and brain sciences at Boston and California universities discover revenge motives in childhood. and go Researchers From the principle of reciprocity, with its positive and negative sides, which are the return of favor to those who treated us well, or revenge against those who treated us badly.

The researchers tried to find out the degree to which children adopted this principle by conducting 5 experiments on children between the ages of 4 and 8 years.

The researchers published the results of their study in the Journal of Social Sciences in 2019, and pointed out that children followed the principle of reciprocity in its negative form only, at a young age, as children directly took revenge on those who took their toys, and adopted the method of revenge to protect themselves and alleviate their feelings of injustice.

The researchers also note that children are completely dependent on reciprocity using the same method, or the same resource that was taken from them; If a child hits him, he will hit him back, but if he takes a sticker from him, he will also take his sticker from him by force.

Children did not follow the rule of positive reciprocity until about age 7, despite the researchers’ attempts to instill feelings of belonging and empathy in them.

The researchers explained the results by the children’s tendency to focus on and use negative information more than positive information, which they called the “negative bias.” As for children’s lack of gratitude for those who have been good to them, researchers interpreted it with the results of previous studies that confirmed that children always expect others to be kind to them, and consider that this is the normal situation, and that this behavior does not require thanks and gratitude.

A vengeful kid thinks the world is a cruel place, so he has to hit him before someone hits him (Pixels)

Can your child’s behavior be corrected?

Between the ages of four and six, you can reduce the intensity of your child’s desire for revenge, so here are some methods of dealing with your child’s vengeful behavior:

The driven child thinks revenge His surroundings are a harsh place, and he believes that this requires him to defend himself by all means. These thoughts intensify when the parents confront them with strong condemnation and punishment, and demeaning the child and comparing his behavior with the behavior of others.

Sometimes you may denounce your child for not recognizing the beautiful I have done to him, and you may criticize him and describe his behavior as “ingratitude” and “denial”, so you should pay attention to the fact that punishing the child and calling him “the ungrateful” increases his misbehavior, and may establish a negative image of you, and make him Ensures that his perception of his surroundings is correct.

Your child is in pain as a result of being harmed, whether intentional or unintentional, so he resorts to revenge in order to express his feeling of injustice, so it is better to speed up the treatment of his pain before he takes his revenge.

One of the best things you can do for your child when any negative behavior is to show him feelings of love, go towards him first and hug him, and do not ask him solutions, or make judgments on him, and let him express his feelings, and make sure that you respect his wound, until his angry feelings disappear.

Don’t hold back if your child resists you, because letting go of him quickly will only confirm what he feels about himself, and thus increase his sense of revenge.

Children's tantrums
Your child is in pain as a result of being harmed, whether intentional or unintentional, so he resorts to revenge to express his feeling of injustice (Shutterstock)
  • Break the cycle of revenge

Your children learn from you, so if your child sees you retaliating, he will, especially if you are retaliating. You don’t listen to his explanations or his feelings, discipline him harshly, don’t respect his feelings, or don’t show remorse after spoiling his fun.

So it is important Break the cycle of revengeTeach your child the power of words to resolve conflicts, how we use words to express our feelings, and connect with someone who has hurt us.

Also try to change the way you punish him, if your child breaks his sister’s favorite game, for example, do not rush to take his favorite toy from him as a punishment, and avoid any punishment that may seem to him revenge, and focus on teaching him the value of compensation, instead of depriving him of his favorite toy, he can do some housework And earn money in order to buy a new toy for his sister.

  • Tell traditional stories

suggest Researcher Chinese in the Laboratory of Social Development and Learning at Boston University, Develop children’s motives to show gratitude and renounce revenge from an early age, by explaining proverbs and traditional stories that urge rewarding the benefactors, returning favor, kindness to the young and respecting the elder.

show up Suggestion Positive results, especially when comparing Chinese children with their American counterparts. The Chinese heritage is filled with folk stories in which moral wisdom and wisdom, so the researcher advised mothers to tell stories to target the behaviors they want to change in their children.

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